Account, assure and exchange real impacts.

Accelerate the financing and ROI of your impact projects.

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Assets managed

+ 38M

Assets valued

+ 17M

Total assets value(€)

+ 7M

And still counting...

Register your project  and monetize your additionality with our turnkey program. 

A fully integrated program to improve your sustainability, business model transition and compliance. We register relevant data to value your impact assets.

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End to End observability of the impact value chain

Improve your insight and influence on your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and navigate your path to net zero emissions by integrating into our multi-actor platform. 

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An opensource product to create your verifiable impact assets

Sobriety start with reuse. Our program connect the tools you use to manage your contribution and create verifiable impact assets.

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No ressources? We are here to support you from start to finish.

Our in-house front interface is build to start collecting your data for you and produce your related impact assets.

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3-steps impact
valorization program.

Eligibility &

- Impact standard definition
- Impact assessment
- Data requirements analysis

Digital twin

- Infrastructure setup & deployment
- Protocol data mapping
- API integration

Impact asset Production

- Data fingerprints anchoring
- Digital impact proofs
- Verification & certificate issuance

We know your concerns
and doubts

We service and build for people willing to make things right for generations to come.

Current challenges

our solutions

High risk in financing
Digital proofs of impact >> Alternative financing
Baseline ambiguity subject to fraud
Immutable registry >> Baseline probity
High cost auditing and certification
Data accessibility >> Reduce cost and delay
High uncertainty for certification
Continuous data analysis >> Lower uncertainty
Lack of transparency & Inclusion
Ecosystem approach >> Stakeholders fully included
Lack of credit credibility in the carbon market
End-to-End observability >> Buyers re ensured
Lack of (carbon) credit quality assurance
High quality assurance >> Impact value improvement


Connect your data to finance your impact projects and accelerate your transition to net zero. 

build your platform and manage your Energy saving credits (ESC) and Renewable energy certificates (RECs)


Proof your emission reduction in your value chain and unlock green financing and tax reduction  


Deploy new logics of valorization to accelerate the use of sustainable materials and strengthen the social impact in construction.


Create new ecosystem dynamics by accounting and involving and accounting economic , social and environmental contribution of all stakeholders.


Create your platform and support the development of nature-based solutions by aggregating projects to a trusted network connected to the carbon market.


Discover new tools to develop innovative approaches to implement and finance large-scale biodiversity conservation.


Start your valorization

We look forward to hearing more about your project.

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Take a look at our past customers success stories

"SmartB's technology and trusted network, has enabled us to meet the expectations of transparency and scale needed to manage a state-funded national program to accelerate the transition to green delivery on the last kilometer in city centers.”

Amauric G.
Colis Activ

" We wanted to create an incentive mechanism that values the positive action of employees by justifying emission reductions by financing low-emission journeys between home and work. The SmartB program has made it possible to align the interests of the company and of the employee in a complex environment but also to automate the entire value chain from the impact production to monetization. "

Thibault D.

Our ambition to connect impact projects (NBS, SDGs and carbon certificates) to innovative financial solutions has been made possible thanks to SmartB technology encapsulating both traceability, transparency and trust in a multi-stakeholder framework where resilient protocols scaled are needed.

Yves C.
Axess Impact

" To develop our brands, Bois du Massif Central and Bois des Pyrénées, we provide an end-to-end wood traceability powered by smartB program in order to promote the players in the sector and develop new economic models based on datas and impacts. "

Clément B.